Just as we provide tools to help you install your Otto probes, we can supply removal tools to help you get them out of the ground. You may need to  do this if the probes are installed in seasonal crops or if you need to  move the probe from one site to another.


Above Ground Probe Removal


Prior to removing the probe, undo the cap and, after disconnecting the probe  cable, withdraw the probe column from inside the probe tube. Place the  column inside an empty probe box or length of 32mm PVC pipe. Carefully  excavate around the probe head using a hand trowel, to a depth of 75mm.


Sub Surface Probe Removal


Carefully excavate around the probe head using a hand trowel. Make sure that you  do not damage the probe cable to a depth of 100mm below the top of the  probe cap


Fitting the Clamp Tool


Loosen the wing nut on the clamp tool and swing the two halves apart. Place  the clamp over the probe, ensuring the cable gland lines up with the  slots in the top faces of the tool.
Slip the locking bolt through the slot in the clamp and tighten the wing nut firmly
Grip the handles of the tool firmly and rock it back and forth until you can achieve 1 degree of rotation. Once the probe has broken contact with  the soil in this fashion, you should be able to pull the probe  vertically from the soil.
For probes of 1m and greater length, you may need some mechanical  assistance to lift the probe. Slide a length of rope or chain over the  two handles, leaving a loop of approximately 300mm in length. Thread the end of the chain / rope over the hook on a star picket puller or high  lift jack. Then work the Jack / puller to lift the probe free from the  soil.